Writing the Tides

After two decades writing & reeling the dark into light, we began sharing our family story of Living Hope after a young death (in our case a suicide)… just last January (2016).

As we are keenly aware,

we face variety of loss & vibrancy

throughout a lifetime …

 volleying persistent pain with 

present delights & refining future desires

can feel peculiarly isolating…

even unnerving.

Throughout the researching and writing we’ve released in the past year, we walked out the sharing as an act of obedience and an offering.  We hoped our journey would encourage others, but we certainly weren’t prepared for the connections with thousands of you around the globe.

We took the holidays to pray and prepare for this next year.

From He Stopped Laughing, Perspectives to … from Heidi’s hand … , we’ve shared & you’ve responded.  We’ll continue to connect & share writings this year… some fresh & some still tucked away from former years.

We’re working on reading resource guide as many of you have requested a book list.  So look for the building of this in the near future.

Just a couple days ago, I put this out -on social media- this call:

What are some books, songs, hymns, art (2D, 3D), nature spaces that have been particularly meaningful to you through your grief-hope journey?  I deeply appreciate your recommendations today, friends & fellow sojourners.

If you have friends who can help us out here, please tag them or share this post.
Thank you.

Living Hope, 


The response?

Deep, rich, personal, historical, global… Profoundly Affirming.

Many, many of us gather in silent shadows of suffering, loss & grief.

We look around us,

we look back at history,

we know we don’t feel like being the one to break the silence…

the silence shedding light on shards…

You know, before the socially expected stiff smiles soften into real expressions again.
Some of grief’s work is…

a solitary quietness

a sifting… a shifting

a grounding … a grouling grinding

that gives Way.
That gives Way to Gather,

to pause, to groan & lament…

the kind of lamant that miraculously

learns to live Truth inside & aloud again…

to make space – capacity for the eternal to get gritty, earthy…

an  intersecting …

to watch as He redeems the dark with depths & dimensions of Light…

The Light … Who Goes… Who Gives

Who Gives to Radiate Righteous – Right Living …

The Calming Refuge right in the mire of hard … questions, sorrows…


He’s Faith-flowing.  Present.  Pioneer.  And Perseverance.

Mighty & Tender.

Rushing tides of turbulent emotions like these…

… startle… still… roar… rampage… quiet… only to swell … startle… still … on…


Honestly, slipping out of this realm is tempting.

Yet, the responses, your responses remind me what we must remember.

We’re not about denying the turbulence.  Rather, we enter.

We honor…We’re Living Hope.

Remembering Who is Writing the Tides.
🔹Thank you to all who’ve already responded to this call

– particularly to our European readers

who’ve introduced me to several “new-to-me,” but classics to you.
I’m enjoying this translation treasure hunt so much!!!

There is something to be said for insights forged &

articulated originally  in another tongue.

The depth of human experience …

The deeper depth of Divine Love.

Deeply grateful.  So enriching.
Can’t wait to share!

Please keep them coming.
Living Hope,


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